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I am not a torch-bearing feminist but I do believe that a greater sense of fairness needs to pervade in society where women can tap into their potential for the professional space and not simply be reduced to objects of desire or domesticity.Recently, on my way home from work, I was horrified when I received four videos of very gory, graphic porn from an otherwise quiet carpenter I had been working with during my interior design projects. Actress Anushka Sharma was recently quoted as saying, “If there is an actor of the same stature as me, who would be able to bring in only that much money to a movie, he would still be paid more than me because Cube vacuum space bags Factory he is a guy. Nobody is even thinking about it. It is extremely important that both be educated in mutual respect. Besides the work space, a conducive attitude within the immediate family is also of the utmost importance. If a woman is blessed with an open-minded family, or if she can get them to open their minds by her own grit and determination to do something with her life, then nothing can stop her from finding her way in the world.

And their success stands testimony to the fact that women have as much potential for business acumen and professional skill as men do. A change in male-oriented education that still contains covert signifiers of discrimination as well as objectification of women as sexual objects, can lead to much greater professional productivity among both genders. After all, a female professional is no different from a male professional.The writer is a columnist, designer and brand consultant. Mail her at nishajamvwal@gmail. Each might have her own method, practice, scope, dexterity and IQ — and none of these are gender issues. My male friends said to me, you must have been nice to him. The most important need of the hour is for them to effectively deal with their sometimes tricky equations with men at work. An office is a space of open interaction, but certain invisible walls must exist that are not meant to be breached by men or women. I had to park on the side of the street to deal with my shock and outrage.

I believe that confidence, belief in my agenda and a degree of astuteness goes a long way. In a more general sense, the business community in India is viewed as a very patriarchal setup, but this very community has some of the most successful professional women in the world — Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Anu Aga, Indira Nooyi and so many more. Whatever could that have meant I mean, is being nice in a working relationship an invitation for an attack on my modesty When I look at women’s issues at the workplace and their relationships with their colleagues, I feel that looking upon any woman as a sexual object is detrimental to the growth of an entire economy.” This needs to change, in the film industry and It is just ingrained.An office is a space of open interaction, but certain invisible walls must exist that are not meant to be breached by men or women. And this must begin from the beginning. Society will take a while to really alter its patriarchal view of women at work, but I’m optimistic and feel that women can do a great deal to help themselves in the professional space. My observation is that a lot depends on how I approach a relationship at work, especially with a male employee. A change in the attitude of males is not only required, but absolutely necessary in the professional space along with a clear sense of boundaries. An office is a space of open interaction, but certain invisible walls must exist that are not meant to be breached by men or women. As for me personally — I do get taken seriously in relationships at work, by my male as well as female colleagues. He had, till that day, used WhatsApp only to convey designs of table bases et al. At a young age if both boys and girls are taught the right values and enabled to understand respect for all individuals, man and woman alike, it could go a long way

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دادگاه در سال گذشته اعلام کرده بود که به سه هتل پنج ستاره ، اداره مرکزی آب زیرزمینی مرکزی ، هیئت مدیره دهلی جل ، شورای شهرداری دهلی نو ، شورای کنترل آلودگی مرکزی ابلاغ شده است. پایان محل سکونت: هند ، دهلی نو ، دهلی نو. در جلسه رسیدگی ، هیئت مدیره دهلی جل به نیمکت گفت که هتل دارای دو خط آب مجاز و متوسط ​​مصرف آن به مدت 26 روز 139 کیلو لیتر است که 5. دادرس ادعا می کند 5- هتل های ستاره از چندین لیتر دریاچه آب زیرزمینی استفاده می کردند. سنگه ادعا کرده بود که این هتل های پنج ستاره از "چندین لیتر دریاچه" از آب زیرزمینی استفاده می کنند و منبع آب در محل های آنها قابل مشاهده نیست. وی گفت که مصرف از خط دیگر آب تقریبا ناچیز است ، ناچیز است. سریعتر ، دادگاه جریمه 7. Rs جریمه ای را به ریاست دادگستری UD Salvi به هتل جیپی وانس هدایت کرد تا هتل جیپه وانت را مطلع کند تا دادگاه را از تأمین آب دریافتی از طریق تانکرها مطلع کند. بین آگوست ، 2015 تا ژانویه 2016 ، و همچنین کلیه لوایح در این زمینه را ارسال کنید. مشاور حضور در هتل به این نیمکت اطلاع داد که الزامات آب توسط هیئت مدیره دهلی جل یا تانکرهای آب برآورده می شود. پیش نویس ادعا کرد که هتل های 5 ستاره از چندین لیتر دریاچه آب زیر زمین استفاده می کنند. دستورالعمل ها در هنگام شنیدن دادخواست ارائه شده توسط دهلی ساکن Shailesh Singh به دنبال راهنمایی است تا بلافاصله برداشت آبهای زیرزمینی را بدون اجازه متوقف کند. "ما پاسخ دهنده شماره 1 (هتل جیپی وانت) را راهنمایی می کنیم تا در مورد عرضه آبگرمکن برقی چین آب را از طریق تانکرها بین دوره اوت 2015 ، ژانویه 2016 ، قرار دهید و کلیه قبض این قبض ها را برای مدت قبل از ما قبل از ما در تاریخ بعدی قرار دهید ، "این نیمکت در حالی که موضوع را برای جلسه رسیدگی بعدی در تاریخ 15 ژوئیه اعلام کرد. دادگاه ملی سبز دستور داده است تا پس از شکایت مبنی بر اینکه هتل در حال استخراج غیرقانونی آب زیرزمینی و ایجاد تخریب محیط زیست است ، یک هتل پنج ستاره را در اینجا برای ارائه جزئیات مصرف آب آن راهنمایی کند. tion.3 لیتر در روز از طریق یکی از خطوط آب 5 دریاچه در یکی از هتل ها پس از آنکه سیستم های برداشت آب باران "رضایت بخش" در محل خود پیدا نکرد. این دعوی ادعا کرده بود که طبق گفته کمیته کنترل آلودگی دهلی ، یکی از هتل ها در حال استخراج 2،22،600 لیتر آب از محل ذخیره بود و برای استخراج آبآب 

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And that is what we have been trying to do in all our products," Goenka said.39 lakh going up to Rs 6."Given that the growth in the UV segment has been primarily driven by the compact SUVs, I am confident that the KUV100 NXT will resonate well with its buyers," M&M President Automotive Sector Rajan Wadhera said."Whether all of those get launched in India or not depends on the customer pull."So, I am saying you need to plan for everything," Goenka remarked.04 lakh.On introducing electric vehicles, he added that even with less clarity as to how the electric vehicle segment will perform in coming days, Mahindra would roll out its existing products with electric powertrains.39 lakh and Rs 7.."We are working on a very strong petrol engine line-up and by the time BS VI emission norms roll out, our petrol engine offering will be as strong as diesel," M&M Managing Director Pawan Goenka told reporters here. There is also no clarity on how would the electric segment would pan out in future, he pointed out.On the new KUV100 launch, Goenka said it is the first time that the company has launched a refreshed version of a model in just 21 months after it was introduced in the country.On challenges from shared mobility, he added that the winners among the manufacturers will be those "which will have objects electric faucet of desire".

The company will have petrol engines that can cover all its models, he added.Mumbai: Utility vehicle major Mahindra and Mahindra on Tuesday said it is working on a slew of measures, including readying a family of petrol engines catering to its entire product range by April 2020, when BS VI emission norms kick in the country. On various other disruptions unfolding in the automotive segment, Goenka said the company is learning about driverless technology from its tractor business.Terming the current phase as one of the toughest for the Indian automotive sector, Goenka made the point that lack of clarity on various issues is forcing manufacturers to work on multiple directions.The Mumbai-based company, which on Tuesday launched an updated version of its compact SUV KUV100 priced at Rs 4. We will be launching first phase of driverless technology before the end of this financial year," Goenka said. We would be happy to launch in the domestic market even if we have 5 per cent demand," Goenka said.The petrol variants of the refreshed version have been launched at an introductory price range starting at Rs 4. Most likely, all our exports will definitely have petrol-powered vehicles.

"We are planning for multiple scenarios and not sure on where major thrust of investment should go. and decided that for all crossover SUVs, we will be working on electric version in future," Goenka said.. The updated version comes with 40 new features and enhancements.33 lakh (ex-showroom Mumbai).The company is going to perfect the driverless technology in tractor first and sometime in future, it could be applied in automotive.33 lakh, also plans to roll out electric versions of its crossover models."We hope the learning we have from there someday would allow us to replicate in the automotive business," he noted.39-7. The diesel trims are tagged between Rs 5.As part of the plan, the company will introduce an electric KUV100 in over a year from now, he added."Whether we have 20 per cent electric vehicles by 2030 or 100 per cent is perhaps a multi billion dollar question. So, if you look at hybrid technology -- if its dead or will it come back that is also not clear," he noted. Mahindra is hedging its bet.

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While the latest comments from the Bajaj Auto chairman may seem like hyperbole, electric mobility startups like Ather have proved that developing premium electric two-wheelers for the masses is more than achievable. People are not buying a Tesla because of its All we said was we are not going to make another 100cc scooter for Rs 50,000 and shut our shop doing that."Before BSVI norms come into place, we will put out an electric two-wheeler into the market."He also confirmed that the company has China wholesale instant water tap electric faucet no intentions of entering the petrol-powered scooter segment which is already packed to the brim with products from various manufacturers. I can definitely confirm that in addition to the electric work we do on three-wheelers and four-wheelers, we are also working very strongly on electric two-wheelers. We are not saying it yet what it could be. But it is even riskier not to be there. And it will be an exceptional global brand. He also added that it could even make its debut at next year’s AGM. Add to that Bajaj’s vast experience, resources and its competence in research and development, the company certainly has the potential to develop a promising EV for both India and the rest of the world. "We never said we will not look at a disruptive opportunity with scooters. It could be an electric motorcycle as we are a motorcycle company.

The latest comments by the chairman also throw some light into the company’s Urbanite project, which was first revealed in September 2017. Or it could even be an electric scooter. Our thinking is very clear, consumers who are looking for vehicles like this are not buying them for their batteries. He had also mentioned that the first product from the new brand would roll out by 2020. However, it’s still quite possible that Bajaj could introduce an electric scooter. At the company’s recent AGM, he was quoted saying, "Urban electric mobility is an area which is risky because not many companies have ventured there so far.Bajaj Auto chairman Rajiv Bajaj has hinted that the homegrown manufacturer could launch an electric two-wheeler by 2020. So it could be a motorcycle or it could be a scooter. Currently, the Chakan-based manufacturer is working on introducing its first all-electric three-wheeler for India as well as export markets. They buy it because it is beautiful. So our way to approach electric mobility is not to make a battery on two-wheels, but to make the most beautiful two-wheeler in the world, which incidentally also happens to be zero emission," added Bajaj. In an interview last year, Rajiv Bajaj had said that the company was working on setting up a new brand called Urbanite to launch its upcoming electric vehicles.When asked about the company’s plans of making a foray into electric vehicles, he stated that the company has set a target of launching EVs before the implementation of BSVI emission norms in 2020.Source: ZigWheels. It could be both," he said

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Flyer is designed to let you call all of the shots. There are two storage pockets on the back of the canopy that can be unzipped and an adjustable handle to accommodate the height of mom or dad. There is even a cup holder for mom. The Queen B by Bumbleride can also grow with your family with optional accessories like the Bassinet and Toddler Seat. The Indie has a large canopy with a generous peek-a-boo window to keep an eye on your little one. Weighing a slim 20 lbs., the Bumbleride Indie stroller combines the off-road ability of a multi-terrain stroller with the lean agility of an urban jogger and features a 360 degree swiveling front wheel with forward and rear facing locking positions. The Indie stroller from Bumbleride includes a one touch brake and a huge basket on the bottom of the stroller that would fit two medium size diaper bags. . A true Bumbleride icon, the Queen B stroller is the classic pram reinvented. Lastly, I want to mention the Queen B stroller by Bumbleride. Now, I want to tell you a little about the Flyer stroller by Bumbleride. The Bumbleirde Indie stroller prides itself on being wide enough and tall enough to accommodate a four year old child. The Bumberide Flyer stroller has more of the traditional look and compact fold since this stroller has smaller wheels and weighs less overall. Tailored in plush fabric, the seat of the Queen B stroller can be reversed whenever you like. The seat reclines nearly flat and offers an easy access foot lock. 19 lbs. The Queen B stroller also features a great sized basket under the stroller for extra storage or diaper bag and comes standard with an air pump for the four tires and cup holder for parents out and about. This pram is amazing, not only is it fashionable but it is also very functional as well.

The Indie is an all-terrain stroller with four 12 wheels which comes with an air pump in case of flats on the go.Bumbleride has hit the nail on the head with their Flyer, Indie and Queen B strollers. The Flyer stroller features a height-adjustable handle, footrest, and four-position recline backrest. Equipped with front steerable wheels and four China Instant Electric Water Heating Faucet Suppliers air filled tires, the Bumbleride Queen B stroller strolls like a dream. Its reversible handle flips with ease and the quick release wheel locking system allows you to reverse the stroller in seconds. This stroller is so cute and clean, it is really a beauty strolling through the park or the mall. The front wheels can also lock in place in case you are planning on taking baby for a light jog or brisk walk through the park. Ideal for infants as well as toddlers, the Bumbleride Flyer is ready to grow with your family. With this stroller fully loaded it is still easy to push with one hand. Recline the backrest and attach the accessory footmuff to create a warm carriage for your baby

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Himanshu Thakkar is coordinator of South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers & People$It is not an effective or a just way*** Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that blood and water cannot flow together, but does it also mean that blood and business is thicker than water. Such infrastructure needs a lot of studies, planning and years of work. One is reminded what Winston Churchill, known more for his hawkish views on war, said: “The day may dawn when fair play, love for one’s fellow men, respect for justice and freedom, will enable tormented generations to march forth serene and triumphant from the hideous epoch in which we have to dwell. We have outlined our concerns, now it is for the government of the day to decide its response — be it Indus waters or isolation or anything else which it deems fit. The Indus water issue became controversial after Partition.The Congress has always supported a bipartisan approach to foreign policy. We have demanded that the government should immediately withdraw the most favoured nation status from Pakistan. Our approach should be holistic as we are dealing with a rogue state. Whatever it means, we leave it to the wisdom of the PM to clarify.However, one caveat that must be kept in mind, any step taken shouldn’t be in isolation.China is investing in Pakistan. Blood should not flow under any circumstances, but can we stop flow of water to Pakistan We must remember that we are wholesale Instant Electric Water Heating Faucet talking about stopping the flow of several massive rivers, each with millions of cubic meters of water (and so much more that flows with it) on a daily basis on average, not turning off a tap or a pipeline.There has been no response from the government.Are we asking the already long suffering people of J&K to suffer further There will also be a lot more collateral damage.

It is a convenient statement to make that water and blood cannot flow together, but then whatThe problem is that there is a confused Pakistan policy in place.jpg The 1960 Indus treaty has allocated rights of development on three eastern tributaries (Sutlej, Beas & Ravi) to India, and we have exhausted that entitlement almost fully. We have hydropower projects on both the Chenab and Indus, but these have limited storage capacity. But that would be of limited quantity.The September 26 meeting called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a number of decisions, including expediting projects on these western rivers, setting up an inter-ministerial task force to achieve it, restarting work on Tulbul navigation project and also, according to reports, suspending the meetings of the Permanent Indus Commission indefinitely. Meanwhile, never flinch, never weary, never despair.So please tell us what isolation has this government been able to achieve for Pakistan. Mr Modi has had several rounds of meetings with his Pakistani counterpart. We do not have the infrastructure to either store or divert so much water. We want an immediate Parliament session to discuss the security situation and term Pakistan as a terror state. Unfortunately, the problem is that this government as no coherent foreign policy, leave alone a consistent foreign policy on Pakistan which has always been the need of the hour as far as India is concerned. All this may sound like the ranting of a weak heart.If this is beginning of an exercise to abrogate or suspend the Indus Treaty, we should remember it has no exit clause.In Opposition, the Congress has asked for concrete steps to be taken in the wake of the attack in Uri. Himanshu Thakkar.While climate change is already worsening these vulnerabilities, these major interventions will make it much worse. Iran is into talks with Pakistan regarding collaboration over its ports. We have always been ready to support this government in all matters relating to the security of our nation. Where is the isolation in the first time in the history of independent India it will be our friend Russia who will be carrying out joint military exercises with Pakistan. India has not yet exhausted the entitlement in this case.

The government, soon after the Uri attack, started praising itself that it has been able to isolate Pakistan internationally. The question is what transpired between them What was the pressing need for Mr Modi to break his journey and land in Islamabad There is a shroud of secrecy which this government is practising over its policy with Pakistan.Tom Vadakkan is an AICC spokesperson$ We need a holistic approach end-of. Immediately, we can put up pumps to lift water from these rivers for use within Jammu & Kashmir and may be we could divert some to the nearest eastern river. All this in an area that suffers from multiple vulnerabilities including earthquakes, erosion, landslides, avalanches, floods, including GLOFs (Glacier Lake Outburst Flood). But it is time for the government to wake up and tell us what they are planning to do. 56 years and 112 meetings after signing of the treaty, this is the first time when such a step has been taken. Apart from news leaks and clichés which are being served by the government, what and where is the concrete response Once again I would like to reiterate that my party has always followed a bipartisan approach as far national security is concerned. The treaty gave Pakistan dominant right of development of the three western tributaries (Chenab, Jhelum and Indus), India has limitations about water use (quantity and manner) in case of these rivers. It is surprising that while hawks suggest cutting off water, there exists no mechanism to switch water on or off. Far from it.On the question of building more projects on the western rivers, this involves major structural interventions involving dams, deforestation, displacement, mining, building of roads, townships, tunnels, transmission lines, generation of millions cubic meters of muck, serious adverse impacts on landscape, rivers, biodiversity, climate and life and livelihoods of lakhs of people.

This is also a two-way traffic with China breathing down our shoulder in the east. The NSAs of both countries have met several times, overtly and covertly.Gurdaspur, Pathankot, Pampore and Uri — these attacks have taken place in the last year. The government, soon after the Uri attack, started praising itself that it has been able to isolate Pakistan internationally. Then we have demanded that there should be hectic lobbying all over the world against Pakistan. There should be no hindrance on this from any political party. Hence, under the Vienna Convention (1969) on such treaties, the option of walking away from the treaty is almost non-existent.The Indus has various tributaries, one even emanating from China. What perhaps can be done is to store water or build dams to divert water but this can only be done in five years, endangering our ecosystem.”There can be no two opinions that the terrorism originating from Pakistan soil needs to end. We have already seen a trailer of the possible consequences in the J&K flood disaster of September 2014. But equally clearly, there should be no doubt that using rivers, environment and the people of J&K will be neither effective nor just. The story of civilisation in the subcontinent began with the lifeline of the Indus namely the Indus Valley Civilisation.In the meantime, there has been a lot of talk about stopping the water flow to Pakistan and that water and blood cannot flow together

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The court said the fact that the subject of water, that is to say, water supplies, irrigation and canals, drainage and embankments, water storage and water power, forms part of Entry 17 of List II of the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution (State subjects), cannot be the basis to whittle down the efficacy of the Award passed by the Tribunal and, in particular, the scheme to ensure smooth, effective and efficient implementation of this court’s order. in consonance with the Award of the Tribunal as modified by this Court. end-of Tags: nambiar, union territory of puducherry, tribunal.As per the provisions of the scheme, the states are to furnish/place an indent to the authority for the supplies required by them on each reservoir site.

”The court agreed with the Centre’s submission that the dispensation envisioned in the concerned clauses in the “scheme” is essentially to ensure smooth and effective implementation of the scheme.Disposing of a contempt petition filed by Tamil Nadu, a three-judge bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices A.The Bench made it clear that the Authority constituted under the scheme will be bound by the contours regarding apportionment of river water in terms of the Award as modified by this Court and while doing so, is expected to take into account all factors that may be relevant at the given point of time, including to identify the situation of distress in the basin caused due to identifiable factors before quantifying the water quantity for being released or allotted to the party States/U. for the relevant period.Rejecting the submission, the bench said, “Suggestions/objections of the state of Karnataka and state of Kerala are devoid of merit. This objection does not commend us inasmuch as the necessity to furnish/place an indent of water demand and about the total water reservoir is to work out the quantity of river water to be released during the relevant period in consonance with the proportion specified in the award as modified by this court.The Bench pointed out that the `draft scheme’ has been formulated China instant electric faucet singularly for that purpose and the same will have to be taken forward to its logical end in accordance with law with promptitude.Y. Nambiar, senior counsel appearing for Union Territory of Puducherry, that the Authority cannot be expected to issue directions mechanically and that the Authority must have complete power to enforce its directions so as to comply with the Award, as modified by this Court, in its letter and spirit, concerning the apportionment of water between the party States/U. Chan-drachud in its order noted that there is distress situation in the state of Tamil Nadu due to scarcity of water, which can be remedied to some extent by the effective implementation of the scheme.

T. Further, they said it is wholly unnecessary as the award passed by the tribunal quantifies the volume of river water to be shared and apportioned between the states. Supreme Court of India (Photo: Asian Age) New Delhi: In a significant order which will bring the curtains down in the long pending Cauvery water dispute, the Supreme Court on Friday directed the Centre to notify in Gazette the constitution of the 10-member Cauvery Water Management Auth-ority and give effect to the authority with promptitude before the onset of the southwest monsoon.Asks govt to notify constitution of 10-member authority.The Bench appreciated the stand taken by Mr.It said the implementation of the scheme would be strictly in accordance with the distribution of water to the respective States/U.M.T. That is to further the rights of the States/UT for just and reasonable use of water from the allocable water on equitable basis and not to impinge upon their rights and more so for smooth and effective implementation of the Award as modified by this court. Both Karnataka and Kerala objected to this and said the states cannot be compelled, as it would amount to interference with state’s rights. Kanwilkar and D.T.Eom. “Needless to observe, we cannot allow the parties to reopen the issues already settled in the Award and as modified by this Court, indirectly in the guise of questioning the appropriateness of clause 9(3)(iii) in the draft scheme (relating to making indents to the Authority).The court accepted the assurance given on behalf of the Centre that the “draft scheme” for implementation of the February 16 judgment on distribution and apportionment of water to the four riparian states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry will be taken to its logical end with utmost dispatch

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Without a policy to fall back onto you would lose everything. Usually China electric tap Suppliers when taking out a standard home contents insurance policy you would be protected against such as fire, theft and accidental damage. There are different levels of building and contents insurance so before taking out the cover it is essential to check out the terms and conditions to see what is and is not covered as there can be exclusions as there are in all types of insurance. To get a quote for contents insurance you would have to calculate how much the contents of your home add up to so you would need to take an inventory. Buildings insurance would usually also protect such as outer buildings, pools, garages and patio furniture. Another way to get the best deal of the insurance is to allow a specialist broker to search on your behalf. Of course the higher the insurance level you want, the more home contents insurance will cost, so it is essential that you calculate correctly as you could pay over the odds for protection you do not need. However do not just take a wild guess as you could under insure and if you should lose all the contents of the home in a fire this would be disastrous.

Building and contents insurance are a way of protecting the shell of your home and your contents inside against disaster and loss. . If you take out the protection together you can often get savings compared to taking each policy individually with different providers. Buildings insurance would pay for the cost of rebuilding the shell of the property but the contents of the home are not included in this. Usually a policy will cover damage caused by fire, vandalism and theft at least; however you would need to check the small print to find out if your home was covered for what are classed as Acts of God, for example storm and flood damage. When taking into consideration how much building insurance you need do not factor in land, however you would need to take into account such as clearing the area to rebuild. However you would have to check the small print with a fine tooth comb before buying and also check to find out if the policy covered such as flooding as often this needs adding onto the policy and you have to pay out extra.

Contents insurance has to be considered carefully as if there are any items of particular value in the home these might not be included in the policy. Sometimes these have to be added onto the policy as extras particularly if you live in an area prone to flooding. When looking into taking buildings insurance you would also have to take into account the worst case scenario and how much it would cost to rebuild your home from the ground up if it should be totally destroyed. Items such as jewellery, collections and high tech gadgets may not be covered but can often be added on for a little extra. All homeowners should have building and contents insurance as without protection if the worst did happen you would be covered for both rebuilding your home and for replacing all the contents of the home

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While the Delhi government’s odd-even experiment has worked wonders, decongesting roads and reducing pollution to some extent, keeping it simple by coaxing China wholesale instant heating water faucet restaurants to switch to gas and electric tandoors from coal ones would also be a welcome step.

In this way, we can reduce pollution in Delhi’s air, one particle at a time.An IIT Kanpur study notes that coal-fired tandoors in restaurants are major contributors of particulate matter (PM) in Delhi’s atmosphere. Mir AlamgirVia email

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“We started building the saucers in January-February and recently completed the work. The water holes are maintained with the help of two borewells built in the sanctuary which have been providing sufficient water till now. Though the artificial water bodies cannot be a reliable substitute for a natural China electric instant heating water faucet Manufacturers resource, it can play a vital role until monsoon,” said Nayan Khanolkar, naturalist and wildlife photographer.K.The Karnala Bird Sanctuary has been forced to resort to use ground water for the drinking needs of its 147 species of birds and numerous other animals as the natural water bodies within the precincts The Karnala Bird Sanctuary has been forced to resort to use ground water for the drinking needs of its 147 species of birds and numerous other animals as the natural water bodies within the precincts of the sanctuary have dried up. He added that if the water of Patalganga river was potable, some of the species could have temporarily migrated to the river body at such times of water scarcity. Pugmarks and sightings have confirmed that animals and birds have started drinking water from them,” said Mr Pawar. According to Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) data, the Turade station at Patalganga near the intake of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) water works has recorded severe water pollution. Pawar, range forest officer of KBS, said the sanctuary had started the work for artificial water saucers, keeping in mind the usual scarcity of water.

“Water of Patalganga river is highly unpalatable owing to high chemical content and industrial discharge of industries. S. The water isn’t even used for agricultural purposes. While there is an acute shortage of water across the state, MPCB or the river conservation programme needs to take necessary action to find solutions,” said Mr Pimenta. Godfrey Pimenta from Watchdog Foundation visited the river body and sanctuary recently along with his colleagues and raised concerns over no action being taken by the MPCB in the matter. “The reason could be the effluents discharged from private industrial plants, MIDC, domestic waste and fishing activity,” MPCB’s report had mentioned. Environmentalists pointed out that scarcity of water and unavailability of natural water bodies could have severely affected the biodiversity of the sanctuary. The data, which was collected last year in October, shows that the water has high levels of nitrate (46mg/l) harming its potability. end-of. It has definitely become a question of survival for the birds and animals. “Water is a bare essential. The sanctuary recently completed the work for 27 water saucers and two bore wells. Social activists and environmentalists have pointed out how the highly polluted Patalganga River that flows along the boundary of the sanctuary offered little respite to the water crisis

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